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Better Night Sleep by Massage Therapy Chicago

Massage therapy can help you sleep like a baby.

Most people don't realize that massage therapy can actually help with insomnia and improve sleep.

The nervous system has two parts: the parasympathetic and sympathetic. The parasympathetic balances the sympathetic. When you feel stress, the sympathetic makes you will feel the urge to act, and if you feel stress for a long time your normal sleep is compromised. Massage therapy stimulates parasympathetic and thus allows your body to relax. It even happens when the patient falls asleep on the massage table during the treatment.

There are different types of sleep disorders and massage can be beneficial in a few of them:

Insomnia is the state where people cannot get good quality sleep. This is a very common sleep disorder. Causes of Insomnia could be stress, anxiety, depression, pain, aging, too much caffeine. Massage therapy assists people with insomnia by lowering the quantity of stress hormones, diminishing chronic pain, and calming your nervous system. These benefits also help you to relax and sleep better.

Restless Leg syndrome is a burning or tingling feeling in the legs that urges you to move them. Massage therapy helps remove this feeling the syndrome causes.
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